3 Point Hyperextention brace

Code: MB.35

Size:                       S            M              L                 XL

Pelvis circumf: 65-75     75-90     90-105     105-115cm

Features & Benefits

Made of aluminum alloy and lined with leather on the contacts points

Articulated chest pad also lined with leather

Adjustable abdominal support

Rear support plate adjustable horizontally or vertically

Leather lining

Rear waist belt adjustable with SNAP – LOCK

Locking mechanism with lock for safety and easy application

Height adjustment at the lateral metallic parts of the brace

Helps the patient maintain a proper standing position

Allows sitting and semi-sitting position


Conservative treatment for:

Fixed comporessive fracture of the Thoracic and Lumbar vertebrae

Vertebral collapse

Vertebral inflammation and dorsal lumbar arthritis


Post-operative treatment for:

Spondylodesis (spinal fusion) of the Thoracic spine

Spinal petalectomy