Adjustable lumbar-thigh Hip brace abductive with immobilization UNI-HIP MB.7000

Code: MB.7000                

Size: One Size                           

Left – Right: Universal

Features & Benefits

Abduction – adjustable hip brace

Offers hip support with maximum lightness and comfort

Very durable ROM mechanism that controls hip flexion -extension, abduction – adduction

Suitable for right and left hip

Flexion and extension range 0 ° – 105 ° per 15 ° increment

Abduction / adduction range 0 ° – 90 ° with 7.5 ° increments

Locks in selected positions

Adjustment keys for the mechanism

Anatomical plastic parts in the pelvis and thigh parts with customized cotton linings, ventilated, antiallergenic for maximum comfort and fit

Helps while walking by supporting the hip


Conservative treatment for:

Hip joint fracture

Non-operative hip dislocation

Fixed femoral neck fracture

Post-operative treatment for:

Total hip arthroplasty dislocation