Ankle brace HIGH WALKER

Code: MB 6007

Size:              XS         S           M          L          XL

Foot size: 35-37   37-39   40-42   42-44   44-46

Left -Right: Universal

Features & Benefits

Ankle brace HIGH WALKER made from lightweight plastic

Breathable and antiallergic inner lining

Velcro straps for firm support

Side stays supporting the brace

Non slip sole allows for natural walk


Conservative treatment for:

Stable non-displaced peroneal fracture

Non-displaced medial malleolus fracture

Stable non-displaced ankle fracture

Stable fracture of the Talar head

Tibiofibular ligament rapture

Post-operative treatment for:

Peroneal fracture

Medial malleolus fracture

Ankle fractures