Ankle brace PNEUMATIC WALKER MB.6009

Code: MB.6009

Size:               S          M          L       XL

Shoe size: 36-39   40-43   44-46   47+

Color: Grey

Features & Benefits

Ankle brace with Air made of lightweight plastic material

Special lining made of soft fabric foam wrap, breathable, antiallergenic

Internal air-cells placed in the area low and high of the ankle for maximum foot stabilization and immobilization

Anterior and posterior panels to stabilize the ankle

Plastic panels on both sides to support and hold the brace

Velcro fastening straps

Features Air inlet and outlet valve (PUMP) for precise pressure distribution

Special ROCKER BOTTOM sole for comfort and natural walking and when the patient is turning the foot outward


Conservative treatment for:

Stable non-displaced fibula fracture

Non-displaced medial malleolus fracture

Stable non-displaced malleolus fracture

Tibiofibular joint rupture

WEBBER A type fracture

WEBBER Β1 type fracture

Tibial plateau fracture

Subtalar dislocation

Type I posterior tibial tendon rupture

1 Α type fracture

1Β type fracture

1C type fracture

Post-operative treatment for:

Fibula fracture

Medial malleolus fracture

Malleolus fracture

Intermediate membrane rupture – tibia – fibula

2A type fracture

2Β type fracture

2C type fracture

Type II, III, IV posterior tibial tendon rupture