Anti-embolism stockings 18 – 24 mmHg

These anti-embolism stockings with 18 mmHg compression effectively reduce the risk of vein thrombosis and embolism incidents. Can be applied to patients during pre-surgical and post-surgical condition, and prolonged time reclining patients.

Additionally, they offer gradual pressure relief from the ankle to the thigh region with a steady 18 mmHg compression helping blood circulation.

Features & Benefits

Open toe allows easy inspection of circulation and prevention of mycotic infections

Silicone layer lined on the thigh keeping the stocking in place

Colored heels help the patient fit the stockings correctly

Hypo-allergenic and antibacterial fabric

Latex-free, breathable fabric offers comfortable and custom fit

Suitable for men and women



Deep vein thrombosis

Post thrombotic symptom treatment

Pre and post-operative treatment

Prolonged reclining



Stimulation of blood circulation

Reduction of risk of thrombosis and embolism



For size chart see photos 3, 4 and 5