Cervical Collar soft

Code: MB.150 
Height: 6cm            
Size:                            S                  M              L      
Cervical circumf:  32-38cm  38-44cm  44-50cm  


Code: MB.170 
Height: 8cm            
 Size:                           S                M               L      
Cervical circumf:  32-38cm  38-44cm  44-50cm


Code: MB.190 
Heigh: 10cm            
Size:                            S                M               L      
Cervical circumf:  32-38cm  38-44cm  44-50cm


Features & Benefits

Made with Medium Density soft foam material

Lined with cotton fabric

Breathable and antiallergic


Velcro closure for easy fit



Conservative treatment for:

Cervical syndrome

Cervical fracture

Cervical spine muscle strains