Osteoporosis spinal brace SPINOTEC

Code: MB.5721 

Size:                                          XS             S                M                  L 

Posterior Height (A7 – I1): 37-44      43-50         49-56          55-62cm

Lumbar circumference:  60-105      80-115      100-130     100-140cm

Features & Benefits

Rear metal stay made of aluminum alloy with special anatomic design for excellent fit

Easy moldable during application, according to patient’s needs

Lightweight 330gr

Air-Comfort, anti-allergic and breathable lining

Features Pad Air-Comfort padded shoulder straps for gradual pull on application

Velcro adhesive strap on the front of the brace

Part of the upper abdomen region is left free for comfort and functionality

Allows sitting and semi-sitting position

Prevents curvature and diformations of the spine

Supports the Thoracic and Lumbar spine regions

Suitable for patients with osteoporosis for long-term use

Improves proper posture of the trunk in an upright position

No need for continuous adjustment of the brace by the patient


Conservative treatment for:

Type I osteoporosis of the spine

Prevents Type II Osteoporosis spinal fractures

Thoracic spine Spondyloarthropathies 

SCHEUERMANN’s disease