Rigid ankle support with straps ANKLE FIT MB.6906

Code: ΜΒ.6906

Size:               XS              S             M            L              XL           XXL

Ankle circ: 28-30,5   30,5-33   33-35,5   35,5-38   38-40,5   40,5-43cm

Color: Black

Features & Benefits

High quality, durable, rigid ankle support

Inner lining made of foam air mesh material in the ankle and the metatarsal for comfort fit

Dual lacing system for even tightening and extra comfort

Dual rigid straps for better immobilization of the ankle

Elastic strap on the tibia for extra safety

Offers control of plantar flexion

Open heel for extra comfort



Conservative treatment for:

Ankle sprains Type Ι, ΙΙ

Tendon ligament injuries

Anterior Impingement Syndrome (Post Traumatic Arthritis)