Thoracolumbar brace TLSO JUPITER MB.5250

Code: MB.5250

Size:                            S           M              L              XL   

Lumbar circumf: 69-89   87-107   104-122   122-140cm

T height: 43-53cm

Color: Black

Features & Benefits

The brace consists of two parts joined by a Velcro sticker

Rear plastic, strong panel with lumbar window

Lining with foamed, antiallergenic material

Anterior high support with inner plastic support with adjustable height T-extension that offers torso flexion and extension

Can be fully opened for more comfortable fit and Velcro sticker closure

Belt with laced system for increased intra-abdominal pressure

Anatomically shaped support with pillows for more comfortable fit

Telescopic system for the T-shaped bar for precise application


Conservative treatment for:

T10 – L2 fixed burst vertebral fractures

T7 – L4 fixed compressive vertebral fractures

T7 – L4 multilevel vertebral fusion