Thumb – Wrist brace  UNIVERSAL SPICA MB.3025

Code: MB.3025/R   –   MB.3025/L  

Size: One Size

Length: 20cm

Color: Black


Features & Benefits

Thumb – wrist brace 20cm length, made with durable, rigid, breathable and antiallergic material

Aluminum palmar and dorsal stays for firm wrist support and immobilization while allowing for easy finger movement

Thumb metal stay offers firm support and immobilization

Velcro strap wraps around the thumb for better immobilization

Removable dorsal stay for better size adjustment


Conservative treatment for:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Scaphoid injuries

Tendon strains

Post-op rehabilitation of scaphoid De Quervain syndrome – Bennet fractures

Post – Op immobilization for thumb tendons