Wrist brace LONG WRIST MB.3020

Code: MB.3020/R   –   MB.3020/L                      

Size:                     XS          S          M           L           XL

Wrist circumf: 12-14   14-16   16-18    18-20   20-22cm

Brace length: 23cm

Stay length: 21cm

Color: Black

Features & Benefits

23cm arm – wrist brace made of high-quality durable fabric

It features a 21cm easily shaped palmar and dorsal metal stay for better support and immobilization of the wrist

Extra soft inner lining for comfortable fit

Laces for even tightening and support as well as Velcro closure


Conservative treatment for:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Smith – type fractures after plaster removal

Ulnar fractures

Radius fractures

Wrist injuries

Post-operative treatment for:

Barton – type fractures

Smith – type fractures