Cervical-Thoracic Orthosis Minerva-Type

Code:               MB.CTO/SHORT     –     MB.CTO

Size: Tall – Short

Patient height: up to 1,60cm           above 1,60cm

Brace height: Adjustable

Features & Benefits

Cervical-thoracic brace consisting of two components, made of rigid plastic that fit together with Velcro straps and quick release plastic safety clips

Supports the occipital and the jaw bone

Breathable and antiallergic inner lining

Tracheal opening


Can be applied in a sitting or half upright position

Can be applied from a supine or standing position

Easy application

Quick release buttons


Conservative treatment for:

C3-C7  I type fractures

Occipital condyle fracture

C2 fracture with traumatic spondylolisthesis

Post-operative treatment for:

Anterior multi-level Upper Thoracic Spine fusion

Multi-level Upper Thoracic Spine with laminectomy

Multi-level Upper Thoracic Spine with discectomy

Intervertebral disk arthroplasty of the Upper Thoracic Spine